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Equiverse is a free and fun to play game!

Have you ever wanted your very own horse? Do you want to face the challenge of trying to become the best horse breeder on the game? Or do you just want to join a friendly community, make new friends, and have a place to relax and have fun every day?

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Compete to be the very best...

Equiverse tries to encompass all realistic aspects of owning a horse while still keeping everything fun! You can choose to do anything from building up your skills to compete in top events, or strive to breed the very best foals!

Choice of Colors

...with a rainbow of colors to collect!

You can also breed your horses to try and attain a large assortment of colors and markings for each breed! On Equiverse, we have a wide range of colors available, with over 1.7 million possible genetic combinations - and we also have over 1 million possible genetic combinations for markings